Portrait of a Prophet ﷺ


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Explore the Inner and Outer Beauty…

of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as teachers guide you through a spiritual journey. From Friday night to Sunday, complete the entire book of Imam Tirmidhi: 400 hadiths on the persona of the Prophet ﷺ. Hadiths cover topics like his family life, social interactions, physical appearance, worship, and final moments. By Sunday, students fall deeply in love with the Prophet ﷺ - forever painting his portrait in their hearts. See a list of all chapters and a past conference schedule here.

The conference contains 15 hours of lessons by world-renowned teachers, interspersed with songs and poetry about the Prophet ﷺ. All 400 hadiths are presented on slides in Arabic and English. There is a beautiful commentary on many hadiths - with practical lessons for our own lives. In Sunday's final session, a formal ijaza is signed for each student: a traditional completion certificate that has been given to students of the book for 1,000 years since Imam Tirmidhi's time.

Recent Portrait conferences in New Jersey, Utah, and Chicago have had hundreds of attendees from multiple states; seats go very quickly. For children, there is a parallel program full of craft-making, poetry, and fun lessons about the Prophet ﷺ.

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Nearly 200 people from 8 States have registered for the conference. This 5-speaker conference is a life-changing journey through 400 hadiths on the Prophet's personality, appearance, and family life. For kids, there is a parallel program full of craft-making, poetry, and fun lessons about the Prophet ﷺ.

Financial Aid & Scholarships Available!

No one will be refused to attend due to lack of funds. If you need a financial aid scholarship, even for travel or hotel, simply request a scholarship when registering and CelebrateMercy will do its best to accommodate.



Kid’s Seerah Program

Children will benefit from a parallel program exclusively designed for youth between 5-10 years old. They will engage in learning activities and crafts, enjoy sessions with guest speakers, and perform songs with Mouaz Al-Nass. Kids leave the weekend with a deeper understanding and love for the Prophet ﷺ. View past photos from the children's program here.

The children program's capacity is limited to 40 children, and some financial aid scholarships are also available.


Five nationally-renowned speakers will be taking part in this conference. They each have a beautiful and dynamic way of teaching about the Prophet's life and character. Read about each teacher and view preview videos below.


Interview Testimonials

Photos From a Recent Conference

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